Research team of Dr. Wijnholds

Researchers in action for Wikke-LOA-LHON
from €1,000 (22%)

Can you imagine a world where the darkness of hereditary blindness is dispelled by the brilliance of scientific research?

15-year-old Wikke not only dreams of that day, he fights for it! Having lost almost all his eyesight due to the rare Leber's disease, he joins the Netherlands Eye Foundation to light the torch of hope and discovery. And here's the exciting thing: we as a dedicated team of researchers at the LUMC are ready to pursue Wikke's dream, only the money is missing.

On March 24, we will therefore run the Zandvoort circuit run to raise money for Wikke so that this research can start. But we need YOU.

Will you support us and help us make this happen? Every donation is welcome.

From Wikke: A heartfelt thank you.

Eye Foundation Netherlands (Oogfonds)

The Eye Foundation is the premier private benefactor of ophthalmological research in the Netherlands. They bankroll scientific inquiries into the diagnosis, prevention, and remediation of ocular disorders. Additionally, they disseminate information regarding eye diseases, championing optimal ocular health.

Notably, the Eye Foundation operates sans government grants, relying solely on generous donations.

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